Term And Condition:(Please Read Carefully)
I Agree and Understood that :
Syllabus of GATE 2015 TesT* is as per GATE-2014 ECE syllabus.
GATE SOLUTIONS reserves the right to introduce or withdraw any discount schemes any time and no claims will be entertained in this matter
GATE SOLUTIONS reserves the right to make changes (VENUE/TIMINGS) for the GATE 2015 TesT* with prior notice.
GATE SOLUTIONS is not responsible for the student’s eligibility for GATE exam.
GATE SOLUTIONS may vary or cancel any decision it makes if information given on this form is incorrect or misleading.
I hereby declare that information furnished above is correct and complete.
I understand that fee paid for the Entrance cum scholarship test is non-refundable.
I understand that merely taking the TesT DOES NOT make me eligible for GATE 2015 classroom program.
- GATE SOLUTIONS reserves the right to expel ME from the TesT*:
If I disregard the terms and conditions of the program.
If I in any way disobey the directives given by the class authorities.
If I in any way break the general discipline during the TesT including to but not limited to copying, chatting etc.